7 Facts About ... CAERUS

CAERUS just celebrated its 7th birthday, so here are 7 facts about the second HeKz album that you may not already know ...

Clocking in at a whopping 78 minutes, there's barely enough room for a bonus track on your physical copy of CAERUS. By comparison, TABULA RASA runs to a mere 65 minutes and INVICTA just inches into second place at 66 minutes.

Despite its mighty duration, CAERUS also contains the fewest songs of any HeKz album with a total of 9, compared to the 10 tracks appearing on both TABULA RASA and INVICTA.

2. It contains the longest HeKz song

Album closer 'Journey's End?' accounts for just shy of 18 minutes of the total runtime of CAERUS. The finale of the 'Progress & Failure' trilogy, the song reprises a lot of the musical themes found earlier in the album. For example, the piano intro of the song combines the main melody from 'The Black Hand' with the chords from the chorus of 'Progress & Failure.' Though it has remained the undisputed champion of epic tracks in the HeKz catalogue for 7 years, 'Journey's End?' will fall into second place with the release of the upcoming fourth album TERRA NOVA, which contains a song that breaks the 20-minute mark ... and then some!

3. It is the first HeKz album to be recorded in multiple locations