Drawing influence in equal parts from heavy metal legends and prog rock luminaries, HeKz seek to take the original progressive metal blueprint and rewrite it for themselves.

Their debut album ‘TABULA RASA’ laid a firm foundation, and follow up effort ‘CAERUS’ saw the band striving to fuse the two contrasting elements of their sound to produce something truly unique. With their third album 'INVICTA', HeKz presents a more homogenised sound – combining the best of what has come before and taking it forward into exciting and unexplored territory.

The cornerstones of the band’s sound; the commanding vocal delivery of Matt Young and the characteristic twin guitars of Al Beveridge and Tom Smith are augmented by Mauro Zarattini’s swirling synths and chunky Hammond, all kept in line by the tasteful and daring drumming of Kirk Brandham.As ever, the song is king and the band never veer into self-indulgence but rathermore merge virtuosic passages with fist-pumping melodies and a dramatic storytelling sensibility.

Taken from the Latin word for “unconquered”, 'INVICTA' is a celebration of perseverance and resilience.The ten songs on the album come together to form a story of betrayal, loss, reconciliation and hope. The themes of the songs are rooted in real experience, reflecting the triumph and defeat that we all encounter on our journey through life and, in the case of the latter, how we can choose to be consumed by it, or fight on and emerge stronger.


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