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Drawing influence in equal parts from heavy metal legends and prog rock luminaries, HeKz seek to take the original progressive metal blueprint and rewrite it for themselves.

Debut album ‘TABULA RASA’ laid a firm foundation, whilst follow up effort ‘CAERUS’ saw the band striving to fuse the two contrasting elements of their sound to produce something truly unique, culminating in third album 'INVICTA', where HeKz presents a more homogenised sound – combining the best of what has come before and taking it forward into exciting and unexplored territory.

HeKz’s fourth album ‘TERRA NOVA’ will see lead singer and bassist Matt Young joined by Mark Bogert (Knight Area / Magoria) on guitar, Pieter Beemsterboer (ex-Black Rabbit) on keyboards, Moyano el Buffalo (5th Avenue Hamburg) on drums and a guest appearance by keyboard maestro Adam Holzman (Miles Davis/Steven Wilson).

A concept piece, ‘TERRA NOVA’ was written over a two year period. The album weaves a tale of ambition, duality and the desperate fight to overcome the darkest parts of your personality in order to become the person you were born to be.

As ever, the song is king and the band never veer into self-indulgence but rathermore merge virtuosic passages with fist-pumping melodies and a dramatic storytelling sensibility.

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