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Happy Birthday INVICTA!

It feels like only yesterday that we were putting the finishing touches to our third studio album, but today we celebrate 2 years of INVICTA!

Here are some facts about the album that you may not know:

Geographic diversity

The album was recorded in a few different locations - drums and bass were recorded live together at Liscombe Park Studios in Buckinghamshire with Steve Rispin in the engineer's chair, guitars were overdubbed at Visconti Studios in Kingston with our own Al Beveridge at the helm, and the remaining vocals and keyboards were recorded in Al and Matt's home studios before being sent on to the mixing Midas himself, Mr John Mitchell at Outhouse Studios.

The artwork for "INVICTA" was created by Greek graphics wizard Dmitri "Jim" Tzortzis and promotion was handled by emergent Dutch company, the Mr Bowler Music Agency. The physical copies of the album were also pressed in The Netherlands, and we partnered with Scottish-based company Emu-Bands for the digital distribution.

It's safe to say that "INVICTA" was a multinational effort, conceived thanks to the efforts of many valuable players. The needles in the haystack

30 full songs were demoed for the third HeKz album, and there were a myriad of other unused ideas beyond that.