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HeKz Returns!

On Sunday, HeKz broke a 3+ year hibernation and returned to the live stage at The Underworld Camden opening for the mighty Metalworks!

With extremely little time to prepare, Lucia La Rezza, Jerry Sadowski and Mirko Fadda leant their formidable talents to learning some incredibly complicated music and did an outstanding job on the night.

The professional team at The Underworld made everything run smoothly and, from the live clips I've seen so far, the engineer Dan made the band sound godly!

As for the turnout ... well, we simply couldn't have wished for a better audience.

TERRA NOVA is a dream that I've held in my heart through thick and thin since September 2018.

Last night, it took its first steps into the world.

I don't know what else to say other than thank you all ❤️

(L-R : Lucia LaRezza, Matt Young, Jerry Sadowski, Mirko Fadda) 📸 Sally Newhouse

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