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Introducing ... Irina Markevich

Joining us for 'TERRA NOVA' on violin, please welcome Irina Markevich!

Irina is a professional violinist with a wealth of performing and recording experience. She graduated with a Master Diploma from the Kharkiv National University of Arts, one of the most prestigious music schools in her native Ukraine, and has worked all across the world performing both classic and popular repertoire.

Irina has already made a name for herself in the Ukrainian music scene, performing with orchestras and bands, as well as composing and recording strings for movies, video games and a number of notable artists.

"Irina has been a revelation," says Matt. "On our second album, 'CAERUS', we used a live string trio on a few of the songs. The end result was so powerful, and I couldn't help but wonder how the band would sound with the violin as a more permanent fixture. I've dreamed about adding a violinist to HeKz for a long time but never been brave enough to try it. After being introduced to Irina and discovering her wonderful playing, it seemed like the perfect time to make this a reality."

Unlike the band's previous outings with live strings, 'TERRA NOVA' will feature Irina Markevich's violin as a lead instrument opposite Mark Bogert's breathtaking guitar lines and Pieter Beemsterboer's soaring synth leads.

"It may seem like a surprising choice for a prog metal band, but HeKz's music has featured string parts, authentic or synthesized, since 'TABULA RASA'. Having Irina bring her virtuosity and creativity to 'TERRA NOVA' has added a whole new dimension to the band, very much in the same way as when James [Messenger, keyboards] first joined the band in 2013."

"One of my favourite things that Irina does is to play counter melodies to the lead vocal. The song which is shaping up to be the second single from the album has a gorgeous moment in the final chorus where that happens! Welcoming Irina is like having a whole new colour to paint with, and we're all so excited to share this new music with you."

The first single from 'TERRA NOVA' will be released in Spring 2021, with the full double concept album to follow in early 2022.

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