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Introducing ... Lucia La Rezza

Our new single 'MAYDAY' will feature a very special guest appearance by the talented Lucia La Rezza!

Some of you may recall that HeKz were invited to perform at the Hard Rock Hell festival in 2021. At the time, it wasn’t going to be possible for Irina [Markevich, violin] to join us for the concert, and Lucia came highly recommended.

Since the plan was to perform some of the new music on stage together, we invited Lucia to contribute to a couple of the new songs. The festival show was ultimately cancelled by the organisers, but we have this fantastic recorded collaboration.

Lucia is a professional violinist who specializes in recording remote violin tracks for composers and producers. She also has a passion for creating video game music for indie game studios and solo developers, and has performed her compositions at gaming conventions across the UK and Europe.

Please support Lucia by following her socials and checking out her website at .

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