• HeKz

Lad Off Tour

Hey gang, Some of you will have already heard that I will no longer be joining Pendragon as the opening act for the final portion of their European tour.

The developing situation on the continent is already making things extremely difficult for the band, with countries imposing strict on travel and audience sizes, amongst other things. Whilst I believe that these sanctions are fully necessary to prevent the spread of COVID 19, my participation in the tour is an unnecessary risk that I cannot justify given the current circumstances. We all have an urgent responsibility to take this outbreak seriously and do what we can to hold it back, even if it that means making some uncomfortable choices in the short-term.

If you haven't already picked up a copy of Pendragon's latest album "Love over Fear", it is available now in physical and digital formats. It's a small way to support the band whilst they're out on the road trying to salvage as many of the remaining shows as possible, and I know it will be greatly appreciated.