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Lad Off Tour

Hey gang, Some of you will have already heard that I will no longer be joining Pendragon as the opening act for the final portion of their European tour.

The developing situation on the continent is already making things extremely difficult for the band, with countries imposing strict on travel and audience sizes, amongst other things. Whilst I believe that these sanctions are fully necessary to prevent the spread of COVID 19, my participation in the tour is an unnecessary risk that I cannot justify given the current circumstances. We all have an urgent responsibility to take this outbreak seriously and do what we can to hold it back, even if it that means making some uncomfortable choices in the short-term.

If you haven't already picked up a copy of Pendragon's latest album "Love over Fear", it is available now in physical and digital formats. It's a small way to support the band whilst they're out on the road trying to salvage as many of the remaining shows as possible, and I know it will be greatly appreciated.

I was hoping to pick up a physical copy out on the road, but I've just downloaded the album from iTunes and am listening to it as I write this post. Such a revitalising and uplifting atmosphere in these songs, with a nod to the good ol' days of Prog with a capital P, but both feet firmly planted in 2020. A feast for the ears and the soul, you won't be disappointed.

Click the links below to buy your copy of "Love over Fear" and support Pendragon.

As far as my one-man acoustical jam goes, I am hoping to bring it to the stage one day. Something born rather more out of necessity than desire quickly became a welcome musical challenge and an exciting new way to present to music of HeKz. In the short-term, I am looking into a way to do a quality "home concert" via the weekly HeKz Wine Thursday live stream in our super, secret HeKz Fan Group on Facebook. I'll be posting in there when I have more info, so be sure to join the group if you're interested in sitting in for that.

Until then, please be safe and vigilant. Look out for the ones close to you - check in on that elderly family member or vulnerable friend / neighbour. If you don't feel well yourself, don't panic - it's probably not coronavirus but stay home / avoid public places until you know for sure. It's not worth the risk. It may sound like common sense, but this simple things will go a long way to curbing this outbreak and allow us all to get back to normality as soon as possible. Much love, Matt

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