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Listen to 13 demos from "TABULA RASA"

Unlucky for some, but not for you ...

Here's a baker's dozen of demos from the writing sessions for "TABULA RASA". Hear early versions of the songs containing first drafts of the riffs and melodies you're familiar with nestled alongside ideas that didn't make the final cut.

There are also demo versions of 2 songs that very nearly appeared on the album but were replaced at the last minute - Polar Firefly & Omega. This collection of demos is exclusive to all members of the ZEALOT & ACOLYTE tiers over at our Buy Me A Coffee page. Click here to sign up and receive instant access to the demos as well as a host of other great exclusives, including our popular series of monthly unreleased songs from the HeKz HQ vaults. ICYMI, here is the 'single edit' of this month's BMC exclusive track "Traitor," mixed and mastered by our amazing violinist Irina Markevich.

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