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On the keys ... Mr Mauro Zarattini!

We are thrilled to welcome Mauro Zarattini as a full-time member of HeKz! "The first I saw of Mauro was when he sent in a bunch of videos of himself playing along to our songs," says Kirk. "We didn’t ask him to do that, it was purely off his own back. He had his own take on them too. And god damn were they good! I just thought to myself, typical, no way is he that good AND a nice guy. But lo and behold, on meeting him, he was a straight up diamond! This staggering combination of determined proactiveness, keyboard mastery AND being such a cool guy, well, that just ticked all the boxes for me really. We are lucky to have him." Tom adds, "Mauro fit right into the band from day one. From the first rehearsal I knew we had our man. A great player, top bloke, and big stage presence - welcome to the family dude!" "From the very first meeting Mauro and his keyboard playing fit right in with the HeKz," says Al. "Having previously worked with him on his Brother of Mars project, I knew he was a great guy and a talented musician. He has a great touch and a sensitivity to the style of our music. We're all looking forward to making new music with Mauro and are excited to discover the fresh new element he'll no doubt add to the sound." "Having Mauro in the band has been a real shot in the arm - it feels like we've levelled up," says Matt. "He's a great dude, an excellent player and a complete professional. Not only did he learn the songs perfectly, he also went above and beyond to bring in fresh ideas to augment existing parts and even create some exciting new parts for songs where there had previously been no keys. And on top of all of that, he sings and is a fantastic composer in his own right. Having Mauro in HeKz is already adding a whole new dimension to the sound, and I can't wait to explore it." You can see Mauro in action for his first gig as a full-time member of HeKz on Friday 17th May at The Lounge 666, Camden. Tickets are £10 on the door or £7 in advance, and can be purchased at this location.

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