• HeKz

Standing on The Threshold of a New Decade

Hey gang! A fresh year beckons and, before we all leap headlong into it, I wanted to reflect on the year that has almost passed.

2019 has been a pivotal year for HeKz. We welcomed a new brother in Mauro, who's passion, drive and fresh perspective has been the source of much motivation for the rest of us. He brings a whole new dimension to the band, and I can't wait to explore new, unchartered musical vistas in 2020 with him keeping a watchful eye over Keyboard Corner.

This year also saw the surprisingly rapid growth of the HeKz Fan Group, and the birth of "HeKz Wine Thursday" (or HWT, for those in the club). What a pleasure it has been to connect and interact with everybody in the group! Your passion for all things HeKz is truly inspiring, and I so look forward to our weekly HWT hangouts. In fact, I'm already looking forward to our next get-together on Thursday 9th January!

This year saw a modest amount of live activity for HeKz. Certainly more than in 2018, which can only be a good thing. I believe that our music really comes alive on the stage, and we're hoping to further increase our live engagements in the 12 months ahead. My brain is bursting with all manner of crazy and daring ideas to help us realise The Ultimate HeKz Live Show, and I have no doubt that we will get closer to that than ever before in 2020.

It's almost time to hit "play" on this new decade.

A fresh start.