9 Facts About 'TABULA RASA'

Happy birthday to our debut album 'TABULA RASA'

To celebrate our debut album's final year of single-digit anniversaries, here are 9 things you probably didn't know about 'TABULA RASA.'

John Mitchell | Outhouse Studios
John Mitchell | Outhouse Studios

1. 'TABULA RASA' was the first time that HeKz worked with producer extraordinaire John Mitchell. In September 2011, the band decamped to Reading for 3 weeks to record most of album (some additional vocal sessions followed in November 2011). The ensuing weeks were a flurry of activity, a race against the clock to finish 60+ minutes of music before the studio would be taken over by the next aspiring young band. John's own astonishing pace of work was matched by his two excellent engineers, Ben Humphries and James Billinge, who helped to keep things running smoothly and make sure that the band was on task, even if it meant butting heads on occasion with one or two of the band.

2. It is the only HeKz album to date where a musician who did not perform on the album receives writing credits. Much of the material for the al