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TERRA NOVA, secret tracks & coffee

We've just launched a page over at Buy Me A Coffee, a crowd-funding website that allows creators and artists to deliver exclusive content to their audience, who can choose to support with either a regular monthly subscription or by purchasing a one-off round of 'virtual coffees.'

Just another one of the many coffee cups to be drained during the creation of TERRA NOVA

We're now in the final half of creating our new double concept album TERRA NOVA. There's still a lot to do, but we're closer to the end than the start and there's no doubt that it's going to be the most ambitious HeKz album to date!

If you'd like to help us finish the new album that little bit sooner by subscribing to us on Buy Me A Coffee, we have 3 tiers to choose from.

Here's what you get for your hard-earned dough:

BELIEVER tier (£1/month or £10/year)

Invitation to the HeKz Fan Group

Social media shout out

Unlock exclusive posts and messages here on BMAC

ZEALOT tier (£3/month or £30/year)

All of the BELIEVER perks

High-quality digital download of an unreleased song from the HeKz HQ vaults every month

ACOLYTE tier (£5/month or £50/year)


TERRA NOVA Behind the Scenes updates

Early access to new music

Work in progress updates

The first BMC exclusive song and first rough mix from TERRA NOVA are available right now! Here's what our members have been saying about this first content drop:

"I LOVE this, all my personal boxes ticked. As "Line in the Sand" is a personal favourite, this new/old track is right up my street." "Well, if this is the quality of the unreleased material we can expect then you have more than earned a coffee. Very well crafted song, loving the build up throughout and the superb vocals." "If the maturity in this snippet is a sign of what the new album will be like, then I think we're really in for something special."

"Kill or Cure" digital cover
Our first BMC exclusive, "Kill or Cure" was taken from the first writing sessions for the second HeKz album

We've also set our first goal for BMC - when we reach £100 / month in support, we will compose a brand new, original piece of music for each and every member. Your song will be delivered as a high-quality digital download. At time of writing, we're already at 30% of that goal! If you'd like to help us get the rest of the way by subscribing to one of our BMC memberships, click here to visit our page and join the HeKz Coffee Club. #hekz #terranova #coffee #newalbum #buymeacoffee #progmetal #progrock

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