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"Too Far Gone" - new single in September

'Too Far Gone': A Triumphant Progressive Rock Anthem

HeKz unleashes their latest single, the triumphant 'Too Far Gone'. This anthemic track is the 3rd single from HeKz's highly anticipated double album, TERRA NOVA, and will be available to stream on all major digital platforms on Friday 15th September.

'Too Far Gone' showcases HeKz's signature blend of intricate musicality and raw emotion, delivering a prog rock track that you can bang your head to whilst shouting along with the powerful chorus.

Mark Bogert's masterful guitar work takes centre stage with a virtuosic yet melodic solo, while Irina Markevich's evocative violin adds a unique and captivating dimension. Drummer Moyano el Buffalo's precise and dynamic rhythms provide a solid foundation, driving the song's powerful narrative.

Thematically, 'Too Far Gone' delves into the complexities of breaking free from a toxic relationship while reflecting on the moments of happiness that once existed with a sense of nostalgia. The song contemplates the doubts that arise from this and ultimately concludes that such uncertainty is simply the price of the newfound freedom.

"TOO FAR GONE" pre-save link

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