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Before joining HeKz, he was a death metal vocalist!

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

Keyboards first appeared in HeKz's music on 2006's 'Exodus' EP, and were used sparingly until they became a more prominent feature on our debut full-length album 'Tabula Rasa'. It's difficult to imagine our music without the swirling synth leads, chugging Hammond riffs and soaring orchestrations that adorn the songs of the debut and the two albums which have followed in its wake. But playing keyboards for HeKz requires a certain amount of duality. One needs to be able to go from terminal velocity to gentle serenity in the blink of an eye, and it has never more been the case than with the new album 'TERRA NOVA.' Fortunately, we have just the man for the job in Pieter Beemsterboer, who masterfully executes the full expressive and sonic range required of the new material.

Pieter fronting death / thrash metal band Black Rabbit
Pieter fronting death / thrash metal band Black Rabbit

Pieter cut his teeth with a surprising mixture of classic rock acts Led Zeppelin, Yes, Deep Purple; classical music from Chopin & Beethoven and video game soundtracks like The Legend of Zelda and Final Fantasy. After a short spell as an aspiring guitarist, Pieter discovered that he favoured the piano and, at around the age of 13, he took his first steps on the ivories by trying to learn his favourite songs by ear. An auspicious start for young Pieter, but it wasn't long before he discovered heavy metal and his world turned upside down! Iron Maiden and Sonata Arctica numbered as his favourites at first, but that changed as soon as he heard Finnish melodic metallers Children of Bodom for the first time.

His mind was blown! Surging with inspiration, he picked up his first Korg keyboard and began exploring the world of synthesizers. Check out his frantic take on the intro solo from Bodom's 'Towards Dead End'.

In 2016, Pieter was invited to join thrash metal band Black Rabbit. Thrash metal is not a genre renowned for its use of keyboards, and Black Rabbit are no exception as Pieter was recruited to be their new vocalist! Pieter's arrival heralded a change of direction to a more a Death/Thrash metal hybrid, which brought the band some success in their native Netherlands.

After some personnel changes, Pieter also became the band's bassist and Black Rabbit released their first EP in 2019, which was supported with shows in The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany before Pieter stepped back in 2020 to focus on his own projects. We are delighted to welcome Pieter to HeKz. His musicality, versatility and sheer virtuosity brings so much to the music of 'TERRA NOVA,' as you will soon hear. Here is Pieter in full prog hero mode, recording the intro lead part to the forthcoming single.

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