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HeKz In Utero

What are the best HeKz songs in utero?

This was the question posed in the HeKz Fan Group earlier this week, as one of our regular members prepares to welcome a new member of their own clan. It got us thinking about a song that never was.

In an alternate universe, the second HeKz album was called 'PROGRESS & FAILURE' - a concept piece of two halves. 'The White Hand' and 'The Black Hand'.

'The White Hand' would have featured a song called 'Beyond Question' - perhaps the closest thing you'll find to a HeKz love song.

Love is beyond question and the ultimate healer for, and sanctuary from, all of the nastiness that may be thrown at us by 'The Black Hand.'

We hope you enjoy this glimpse of what might have been. The video has some facts about the abandoned 'PROGRESS & FAILURE' concept and the intended lyrics can be found in the video description.

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