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Lad on Tour!

The cat's out of the bag ๐Ÿ™€!!

In March, Matt will be joining the mighty @PendragonHQ on their "Love Over Fear" tour as support for a selection of shows in Europe.

"I'm currently a cocktail of extreme gratitude, excitement and nerves, but am really looking forward to the challenge of bringing HeKz's music to the stage as a one-man acoustical jam," says Matt.

"It would be a big comfort to see some familiar faces, so let me know if you can come to cheer me on and experience HeKz's music in a completely new and unique way ... perhaps for the only time it'll ever happen!"

Matt will be supporting Pendragon at the following shows in March 2020.

Sat - 14th - Reigen - Vienna - AT

Sun - 15th - Il Giardino - Verona - IT

Mon - 16th - Le Rex Club - Toulouse - FR

Tues - 17th - La Nau - Barcelona - ES

Weds - 18th - Rock School Barbey - Bordeaux - FR

Thurs - 19th - CCO - Lyon - FR

Sat - 21st - Chez Paulette - Pagney-Derriere-Barine - FR

Sun - 22nd - Z7 - Pratteln - CH

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