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Marching towards The Good Fight

It's the last Sunday of the month, so it's time to share our latest reimagined rarity from the HeKz HQ vaults.

"The Good Fight" was the 3rd song in an album that came to be called "IN NOMINE PATRIS" - a concept piece set during the First Crusade that deals with themes of morality and religious faith.

The story of "The Good Fight" asks the question - what if some of those who marched to 'free' the Holy Land did so under false pretences? For their own gain, to line their pockets, or even to slake their thirst for blood and violence.

It was great to collaborate once again with the talented Mr Randall Hammer on the video. It's always exciting to see what he'll come up with, and his visualizer lyric video really did the song justice!

Want to hear more?

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