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Our first collab!

It's time to reveal who will be the mystery collaborator on this month's exclusive track over at Buy Me A Coffee. On this month's song "Traitor", we will be joined by Irina Markevich, though not in the role you might expect for it transpires that, as well as being an amazing violinist, she is also an accomplished audio engineer!

Some of you are already aware that Irina recently had to leave her native Ukraine to flee the Russian invasion. She's made it to safety and is now trying to get back to some sort of normality with her work as a musician, as well supporting her country and the people who are still there. To help to support her as she finds her feet again in her new (temporary) home, I will be hiring Irina to mix all of these monthly exclusives. Every penny of the monthly subscriptions will be going to her. At time of writing, the monthly BMC income covers about half of what it costs Irina to mix a track so I'll be subsidising the remainder myself until our coffee crew grows to cover the full amount.

If you'd like to help us get to that goal even sooner, please consider joining the HeKz BMC where, for the price of a latte each month, you will receive some cool new music and get to support Irina directly in a meaningful way. You can hear a teaser of "Traitor" featuring Irina's awesome mixing skills below:

All members of our ZEALOT & ACOLYTE tier will receive a high-quality audio download of the exclusive track on Sunday 27th March 2022. Ready to join the coffee crew? Click here to sign up to your tier of choice.

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